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EU Local production

Shipping goods across continents?
Or EU production ánd logistics…

EU Local production

Are you tired of flying plane loads of materials all over the world?
With the evident negative impact on the environment?!
Enough of sending out your goods by slow ship, losing all flexibility?
Making shipping costs that make no sense?
Could one universal, all-round European partner help you out?


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EU production and international shipping

Incido produces, handles and ships orders for worldwide operating enterprises, within the European market. Products such as gifts, packaging material, transportation bags, magazines, books, stationery (like letterheads, envelopes, …) and promotional printing products are produced and distributed ’locally’ within Europe, providing your world-wide enterprise with a flexible and environment-friendly solution. We also help our customers with the necessary paperwork regarding VAT/BTW and distribution.

For references and requests, please call or send an e-mail.

Incido – fully in charge for you!

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